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My husband and I completed a 3 months with Marni at Simply For Life Mahogany and, not trying to be overly dramatic, but it's changed our lives. The main reason we started was that we wanted to clean up our eating habits for us and our kids. We are in our 40s now and not getting any younger. Marni set us on a plan and was completely flexible to what we liked, what we didn't like, what our kids didn't like etc. Instead of counting calories she taught us more about what to eat, how much to eat and when. We were eating out 4 times a week and have cut that back to 1 "treat" meal per week and we rarely feel deprived. Marni was a wealth of knowledge. She always had great information and recommendations and we never felt pressured to buy anything extra. Recipes from the website were awesome! S4L you should sell a subscription to the recipes once a person has finished the plan. ;-) Thanks for EVERYTHING!

M. Mcdonald

Great place to shop for hard to find keto products ♥️👌"


They not only carry a fantastic selection of healthy, gluten-free, keto, paleo, even FODMAP friendly foods - much of what they carry are competitively priced with large chain stores like Co-op, Save-On-Foods, Safeway and Sobeys! What's better than buying these products at a large chain is that Simply for Life have certified nutritionists that can not only recommend products to you, they can tell you all about the products so you can understand how they benefit you personally! Definitely worth checking out and learning how you can lead a healthier lifestyle!


Transformational vitality...that is the impact of Simply for Life South. Top 5 Things I Love: 1) The professional guidance from Marni, which got me some rewarding quick wins and sustainable success, 2) The personalized meal plans that are so yummy, easy and satisfying, 3) The bright, engaging store and staff, which makes it so easy for me to pick up some items (like my fav drink Kombucha), 4) Awesome parking right in front AND lots of scheduling options = easy, and 5) me...I am loving me with huge appreciation for the power of nutrition, a road map, and a cheerleader like Marni. Thank you Simply for Life!


Marni and Jim have done an amazing job with bringing in Keto/gluten free/vegetarian and healthy food that fits everyone’s lifestyle. 


 was diagnosed celiac a year ago and have struggled with finding solutions to switching to a gluten free diet. Since meeting Marni and Jim, they have made my transition so much easier. As a young adult I typically go for the less healthy options, however Marni has helped me find choices that I love, but are still good for me. Simply for Life has a very inclusive market with options for Keto, Gluten Free and Vegan/Vegetarian dietary options. I have nothing but good things to say about Simply for Life, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a little extra guidance, or a push to improve your lifestyle!

Lauren O

Jim greeted us right away when we entered the store. Very bright and organized easy to find items. Amazing variety of keto, paleo, vegan and more nutritional solutions. The prices are comparable to most nutritional stores in Calgary. There is a nutritional specialist available for booking. Nice to see a bit of everything at your fingertips. A must place to stop in Westman Village Mahogany.


Simply For Life Calgary South is a great place for nutrition. My husband started the program because he had gained weight. As I was cooking his meal plan and I saw him so enthusiastic, I joined him. We made the six months program and it was a good decision. Marni is fantastic and knowledgeable. The most important thing is that we learnt how to eat healthier. Marni is very professional, she customizes the meal plan, provides educational handouts, and she does not judge you if one week you do not lose weight. She tries to understand your personal situation and adjust the meal plans or give you tips about how to handle different situations. We finished the program and we eat healthy and follow the advices that we received in the program. Thanks Marni, you are so great!

Mariuxi G

Great products, choices, and knowledgeable staff!